Popular Horror Game Granny Tops Charts Through Arcade-like Game Play

The likelihood of you encountering first person shooter horror games like House of the Dead if you were a regular in amusement arcades when you were a kid is quite high. Arcade games already have had its fair share in the middle of the spotlight and its golden age is over but it will never truly go away. With games like Granny that are fantastically created in a lot of ways, arcade games especially the horror ones will certainly have a place in the heart of gamers even if it is in a different platform.

The creator of Granny is Swedish game developer Dennis Vukanovic a.k.a. DVloper who is quite famous for his horror game creations like Slendrina. DVloper is essentially a creator for horror games using the Unity development platform, and these are also mostly for mobile platforms. The origins of Granny can be traced back to the Slendrina series. When Granny was launched on November 24, 2017 for mobile devices, it shot to popularity because of the numerous Youtube like FGTeev and Random Encounters that featured the game in their channels. A year later, the game was made available on Steam for $4.99. In today’s pool of horror games, Granny has remained number one.

The idea of the game is quite straightforward. The players need to get out of the house that they were held in. Initially, players will awake in an unknown and creepy house. Along https://sites.google.com/view/granny-pc , players will come across several equally creepy problems in the house. Needlessly to say, the ultimate impediment is the crazy old murderous woman referred to as Granny. Players have two choices to get out of the house, attempting to open the locked front door or repairing a broken car in the garage. The fun does not end there. Players will have to gather items in the house that can help them escape and they will also eventually encounter the Granny’s monstrous pets. Another challenge is to finish the game as quietly as possible since Granny is also sensitive sounds.

On top of these things, players can also pick from five other game modes. Practice mode is specially designed for new players. After the practice mode, players can choose from Easy, Normal, Hard, or Extreme depending on their difficulty preference. Certainly, players can try to finish the game in all these modes to challenge themselves.

Unlike most games today, Granny is not spectacularly made in the graphics department. Actually, Granny can be in comparison to an 80s first person shooter game that is featured in amusement arcades. What it lacks in this department, however, it makes up for in game play mechanics and faithfulness in what the game truly is - an amazing horror piece that will keep any players’ heart beat madly.